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How do I know what level my player should play?

Minors or Majors?  Minors are new to match play.  They are able to serve and return and know the basic rules of tennis. They may have played a few tournaments but may not have played any.  The Majors are competitive tennis players. They have played in tournaments and are very comfortable with match play.

How do I know who I will play and when we will play?

Each session has a "Schedule Release Date", on this day the entire session schedule will be released.  You can play each match anytime within the session. The dates for each match are guidelines and must be played by the deadline date, however, all matches CAN be played early.

Can I play up an age level or in multiple age levels?  

Yes and Yes! Players may request to play up an age level.  These requests will be considered and decisions will be based upon player history (Futures / USTA / Tournament history).  If permission to play up an age level is granted, players may play at multiple age levels.

What if I am going to be out of town during a session?

Can I still sign up?  Yes! Just let us know when you are signing up and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule! Include these details in the Scheduling Conflicts section of the sign up form

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