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How it Works

Step 1 : Get signed up.

Click "Join" above to sign up. The cost for FYT is $50 per session,

Step 2 : Choose your level.

Minors are new to match play.  They are able to serve and return and know the basic rules of tennis. They may have played a few tournaments but may not have played any.  The Majors are competitive tennis players. They have played in tournaments and are very comfortable with match play.

Step 3 : Choose your home court.

Your home court can be anywhere you choose that you can reserve a court for match play! If you are a 10 and under, the court must have marked lines for the smaller court.

Step 4 : Wait for the schedule.

Wait for us to post the schedule. You should receive the schedule via email!

Step 5 : Contact your opponent.

When the schedule is posted, contact your opponents and schedule your match.

Step 6 : Play tennis!

Play your match, and remember, HAVE FUN!

Step 7 : Report your scores.

Once you've completed your match, the winning player submits the match results in the Enter you Scores section of the Current Players tab. 

Want more details?

Read the full list of rules here.

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