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  1. Once the schedule is posted, start contacting your opponents for scheduling. DO NOT wait until the last minute!  Offer 3 days/times to start and work to find something that works for both!

  2. Matches may be rescheduled if 24 hours notice is given.

  3. Each match is given 2 weeks to play.  If you are unable to schedule a match within this time frame, one late pass per participant will be granted.

  4. If a mutual day and time can not be agreed upon after both parties have offered 3 different days and times, the default match day will be the deadline day at 11am.

  5. USTA “The Code” rules of conduct apply.  Please download and print these from the USTA website.

  6. The home team will provide an unopened can of balls for the match.  

  7. 10 and under’s play with orange balls, 12 and under’s green balls and 14’s and 16’s yellow balls.

  8. The home team players will provide the match balls.

  9. 10 and under’s will play on a 60’ court. Lines must be clearly marked.

  10. A 10 minute warm up is encouraged.

  11. The winning team must post the score prior to the match deadline.

  12. Any court fees that may be required are to be paid by the home team.

  13. If bathrooms are not available at your home courts, you must offer to play at your opponents courts.

  14. Coaching is not allowed!  Light parental guidance is allowed (not in a coaching form) for the Minors.  Remember, we are trying to encourage good sportsmanship!

  15. Futures reserves the right to refuse a player if multiple poor sportsmanship complaints are filed.

  16. The top players in each division will be invited to “The Big Tournament”!  First and second place trophies will be awarded in each division.

  17. All matches are best 2 of 3 sets.

  18. If prior to the match, both parties agree, a third set is allowed rather than a 10 point match tie break.

  19. In the event of a set needing a tie break at 6-6, a 7 point tie break will be played.

  20. A 10-point match tie break will be played.

  21. Both tie breaks, players will switch sides at 6.

  22. Futures Team Tennis is not affiliated with USTA and the matches will not effect your USTA ranking.

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